In conversation with: Marina Didovich

In conversation with: Marina Didovich


In Conversation With:

Marina Didovich

We recently partnered with renowned stylist & friend of the brand, Marina Didovich at our Prahran Boutique. Marina hosted an exclusive styling masterclass for our ‘Paper Dolls’ - Spring ‘23 Occasion Wear Collection, an event-wear wardrobe for graceful dressing by day or night.

Our guests enjoyed an elegant evening of styling advice from Marina herself, as well as our Co-Founder, Nadia Bartel. The duo styled a palette of deep teal, dusty blue, crisp white and barely there pink, in the form of various silhouettes, perfect for flower-filled parties and long lunches. Each piece is considered, and designed to be worn on multiple occasions, for seasons to come.

Here, Marina talks all things styling, and event-dressing, sharing a wealth of styling advice to live by when dressing day-to-day.

What is your signature aesthetic?

M: 'I like to think my ultimate aesthetic is to add elevation to any look.'

As one of Australia’s most sought-after celebrity stylists and creative directors, Marina is renowned for her polished, and refined styling aesthetic, with the ability to add elements of professionalism and creativity to any look.

How do you prefer to dress for events?

M: 'The first thing I do before styling up a look for an event is triple check the dress code. I've made the major faux pas before of showing up to a black tie event and not realising it was black tie... NEVER AGAIN!'

How do you choose to pair accessories with each look? Do you have any styling rules to live by?

M: 'I am definitely an accessory girl. However I like to follow the Coco Chanel rule "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off". Usually this helps me create an ultimate vibe.'

Marina also shared with us that she opts to not mix metals. When pairing gold jewellery, ensure they are the same tone, warm with warm & cool with cool. If a bag has silver hardware, don’t opt to pair with gold jewellery.

Can you tell us about the ‘wrong shoe theory’?

M: 'So I read about this on and it really resonated with me and my experience with dressing. A shoe can really make or break a look. I've always found a shoe that has some kind of 'odd' quality (take the new season mesh Alaia ballet flats as an example) can suddenly transform a melancholy look into something really modern and fresh.'

What are the trends of the season, or do you prefer to keep your styling timeless?

M: 'A huge 'trend' at the moment actually is timeless (slow) fashion - which is why Henne is so on the pulse right now! Building a wardrobe that transcends seasons rather than buying a new wardrobe and dumping it once the season ends. It kind of goes against the ethos of a 'trend' that comes and goes but it is definitely the most fashion forward direction of the moment - and much kinder to the planet.'

During her masterclass, Marina opted to pair back each piece with accessories of her own, which have been in her collection for many seasons. When opting to invest in accessories, Marina shared that she will opt for a more timeless bag or shoe for longevity.

How would you suggest styling a look for a garden party, and also for an evening event?

M: 'For a garden party I would keep my hemline below the knee and focus on the ballet flat trend (a heel is far from ideal on grass!). I'd also ensure to incorporate some super chic shades. For an evening event I would definitely focus on a statement metal jewellery vibe à la YSL and opt for a block colour or monochromatic look (avoiding prints).'

What draws you to our collections as a brand?

M: 'There is always a timeless element with all your designs. They aren't a flash in the pan. I know if I purchase something from Henne it will be a piece that is super versatile in my wardrobe and always on high rotation.'

Marina shared the importance of considered dressing. She becomes more excited by the pieces which can be worn time and time again, for their lasting simplicity.

Do you have a favourite piece from the ‘Paper Dolls’ Collection? As well as any tips on how to style suiting in an elevated, yet fresh way?

M: 'I'm obsessed with the Ornella Blazer and Carsson Pant, in white, that I wore to the in-house styling event. The cut of both are killer. I love the Alonzo Top which effortlessly creates a beautiful texture and unexpected pop of metallic against suiting. It's definitely my new season go-to which I'll be teaming with suiting pieces.'

Whilst sharing her insight and knowledge, guest-speaking at our boutique event, Marina shared her love for our Alonzo Top when styling. As a unique, statement piece in your wardrobe, the Alonzo Top effortlessly elevates and becomes the ‘jewellery’ of the look, minimising the need to over-accessorise.

The ‘Paper Dolls’ Collection is now available to shop both online & in boutique.