Henne are committed to reducing our impact on people and our planet. We are constantly evolving by exploring new sustainable practices through material sourcing, design, manufacturing and our packaging.



Pieces that meet the real needs of everyday life.

With timeless style, quality, and fits, each piece has been designed to be loved and worn for longer than just one season. Our pieces serve to simplify ‘her’ life. By ensuring each garment is designed to last, we are reducing our impact on the planet for future generations.

We only produce what we need. We curate limited and edited collections with exclusive pre-orders and frequent drops. Both our frequent capsule releases and exclusive pre-orders are designed to encourage our customers to make conscious choices and in turn, minimise waste.


Our mindful approach.

We encourage taking a mindful approach on the frequency of washing our pieces, ensuring each piece is carefully stored when not being worn and repairing rather than throwing away. Please find below our detailed approach for mindfully caring for our pieces.