On Location: 'Icon AW24'

Photography by Adrian Price

Introducing 'Icon', our AW24 Essentials Campaign. 

A peek through a train window. Spotted on the street. Explore timeless silhouettes through a contemporary lens. 

Inspired by quiet luxury and late 90's silhouettes, our AW24 collection combines urban minimalism with everlasting essentials. Endlessly attainable pieces made to take you anywhere. 

Our latest campaign showcases a range of timeless styles, including denim, essentials, and luxurious merino wool, as we shadow our muse through the streets of Sydney. Inspired by the legacy of paparazzi-style photography, both stills and motion capture the moments with a cinematic allure - transforming the mundane and revelling in the beauty of everyday life. 

'Icon' comes to life through the lens of talented photographer, and friend-of-the-brand, Adrian Price. We recently caught up with our muse, and model, Sanne Devries to delve into her experience shooting the AW24 campaign, and explore all things Sydney. 

Sit down with Sanne:

How long have you lived in Sydney?

I've been here for almost 2 months now, but I was also here for half a year during 2022.

In your opinion, what makes someone Iconic?

A kind heart, a stoic mindset and a calm sense of self acceptance.

Tell us about your days shooting our AW24 Essentials campaign?

Fun two days spent outside in the most beautiful streets of Sydney. Picnic's on the grass underneath the Harbour Bridge for lunch, crossing the busy streets of Sydney CBD, and hopping place to place with the most fun team. All in a big van with delicious snacks. Count me in anytime!

Did you have a favourite look from the campaign shoot, and why?

I'd say the leather bomber. I love layering items and am a big fan of anything black and leather. So cool.

Who is your style icon?

Well to be honest, I'd have to say its my partner, Acauå. He is the coolest of us both, and I wear his clothes for than my own.

Do you have a favourite Sydney restaurant you can recommend?

There are lots of good restaurants to choose from in Sydney. But I think I would have to say Yellow in Potts Point. I also recently visited Bistro Rex, which was super delicious as well.

Any hidden gems we must know about?

There is a really nice Italian bakery just outside of the CBD - I had the best pastry I've eaten in Sydney by far. It's called Mia Dolci Italiani.