Henne are committed to reducing our impact on people and our planet. We are constantly evolving by exploring new sustainable practices through material sourcing, design, manufacturing and our packaging. ACF



Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle. ACf

We believe in treating clothing as a long-term investment. Caring properly for your Henne pieces is the best way to ensure a long lasting collection.

Henne's product life cycle is considered from initial design concepts to finding a place in your home. Our curated drops and limited quantity runs are designed to limit waste. Henne use stock fabrics, stock yarns & recycled materials with the commitment of reducing our impact on people and our planet.

Henne believe caring for our clothing has a positive environmental impact on the overall garments footprint – that does not end after you purchase a piece. It’s always better to repair a garment and extend its life before you replace it. Find out more on how to care for your pieces here. ACF

[Hen-ne] ACF

Universal style for all ACF

Henne is an Australian-born, ever-evolving fashion brand creating wardrobe essentials with effortless appeal.

Founded in 2019 by sisters and friends Nadia Bartel, Michelle Ring and Laura Broque, Henne offers a contemporary approach to mindful apparel, balancing design innovation with quintessential RTW styles.

Inspired by equal parts Nordic sensibility, Italian expression, and Australian effortlessness, Henne’s minimalist style philosophy, mindfully selected fabrication and versatile silhouettes form an enduring, curated wardrobe.

The evolving narrative of each Henne wearer inspires each collection, ensuring every garment has a lasting essence of warmth, inspiration and confidence.


Pieces that meet the real needs of everyday life. ACF

With timeless style, quality, and fits, each piece has been designed to be loved and worn for longer than just one season. Our pieces serve to simplify ‘her’ life. By ensuring each garment is designed to last, we are reducing our impact on the planet for future generations.

We only produce what we need. We curate limited and edited collections with exclusive pre-orders and frequent drops. Both our frequent capsule releases and exclusive pre-orders are designed to encourage our customers to make conscious choices and in turn, minimise waste. ACF

Curating limited collections and scheduling frequent releases to best suit ‘her’. ACF MID



Responsible practice. ACF

Henne is committed to responsible practice across all areas of its business. Ethical and sustainable sourcing is an integral part of this commitment. We also recognise the

importance of honest and transparent partnerships that extend to our suppliers and manufacturers. Therefore, we only partner with makers that promote and successfully pass fair working conditions. This also extends to ensuring fair working conditions and wages are met both locally and offshore within our network of manufacturing partners. ACF


Our Commitment ACF

Henne takes pride in each garment's life cycle, and donates to the inspiring not-for-profit Fitted For Work.ACF

Fitted for Work is an Australian not-for-profit dedicated to helping women experiencing disadvantage to find work, keep work and to navigate through working life with success. Our goal is to provide women with practical skills, knowledge, self-esteem and know-how so that they can move forward with confidence in the workplace. Inclusivity and empowerment are at the heart of all we do at Fitted for Work and we warmly welcome anyone who identifies as a female, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary. We believe in, we support and we transform the work lives of women in the knowledge that when a woman is fitted for work, she is fitted for life.

Fitted For Work aligns strongly with the values Henne depicts; Henne is for Her, Her Style, Her Way - Henne feels very strongly about making her feel special through creating timeless and key wardrobe pieces. These pieces translate perfectly into the Fitted For Work wardrobe, allowing women to not only feel fit for work, but fit for life.

Joining forces in the first month, Henne has donated $20k RRP of clothing to Fitted For Work. Pieces that are not gifted via Fitted for Work are donated to their charitable partners; The Conscious Closet, Helping Hands Mission & St Kilda GateHouse to ensure each garment is left out of landfill.

Henne is also proudly supporting the McGrath Foundation. 20% of each sale from our 'Pink Collection' was donated to support individuals and families experiencing breast cancer. Henne feel strongly about the importance of education 'Her' on Breast Health; "Wear Pink For Her".


Material Sourcing. ACF

All designs, produced locally or abroad must meet specific audits. Henne takes reasonable measures when conducting business activities and makes decisions that work in favour of people, animals and the planet. Minimising our footprint is an ongoing journey and our ultimate goal is to grow in a sustainable way.



Packaged for 'Her'. ACF

Our environmental impact also extends to our product packaging. All your orders are sent with biodegradable packaging, using minimal materials. We encourage repurposing and/or appropriate recycling.


Swedish for ‘her.’ Universal style for all ACF BOTTOM