Both our frequent capsule releases and exclusive pre-orders are designed with the intent for our customer to make conscious choices and in turn, minimise waste. This also extends to our product packaging – which is biodegradable and we encourage repurposing and/or appropriate recycling.


Henne is committed to responsible practice across all areas of its business. Ethical and sustainable sourcing is an integral part of this commitment. We also recognise the importance of honest and transparent partnerships that extend to our suppliers and manufacturers. Therefore, we only partner with makers that promote and successfully pass fair working conditions. This also extends to ensuring fair working conditions and wages are met both locally and offshore within our network of manufacturing partners.


All designs, produced locally or abroad must meet specific audits. Henne takes reasonable measures when conducting business activities and make decisions that work in favour of people, animals and the planet. Minimising our footprint is an ongoing journey and our ultimate goal is to grow in a sustainable way.